End of Year Tax Return

Millions of people hate it when the time comes around to file a tax return. There is a lot of confusion surrounding them and most people struggle with getting it right without some serious help. However, filing a tax return doesn’t need to be too complicated, not when you have an idea of where to start.

Do You Need To Fill Out A Tax Return?

There is a lot of confusion over who needs to file tax returns but it should be extremely clear. If you have worked in the past tax year you will be required to file a return. However, there may be some exceptions if you have been a casual worker and haven’t earned over a certain amount. In most cases you are best to submit a return; this will certainly cover you even if you aren’t required to file. Every person is different for those who work casually but if in doubt, contact Citizens Advice Bureau, and they should be able to help guide you a little more. If you do file a return you may be eligible for tax refunds.

How to File Online

Submitting a tax return over the internet is very simple. In fact, in the next few years almost every single person in Australia will be sending their returns electronically. The paper system is being slowly phased out so it’s wise to get in some practice now. However, it is really simple once you register with the Inland Revenue online service. Once you are registered you can use your log-in details and start the process. It works the same as a paper return with the exception the forms are online and you can fill out the details there. You can save what you write so you don’t need to rush in order to complete within a day. Just ensure you include all necessary information.

Remember What You Think Makes A Deduction Might Not Be Legit

You probably have a whole list of items in which you want to claim as an expense but unfortunately not all of these are going to be deductable. What you believe is a perfect deduction may not be considered by the Australian authorities, so you need to be aware of what makes a legit deduction. There are going to be many categories in which your deductions can fall into but sometimes they won’t be entertained. Filing a tax return is really complicated at times especially if you aren’t too sure what expenses are legit deductions. Take the time to learn and you should find the process much simpler.

Get Help If you’re Unsure

To be honest understanding the entire tax process can be extremely tough. Almost every year there are new laws or regulations and, as such, it is so hard to know every new change. However, that is why you may need to consult with a professional tax accountant so that everything is handled in the right way. If you have any questions or you aren’t sure about something related to your tax you need to ask a professional for help. Whether you have questions about your return or tax refunds you should ask a professional tax accountant or even contact the Australian government for more help.