How Do I Obtain Past Tax Returns?

When people file tax returns a lot of the paperwork associated with it goes missing. Some lose their tax returns while others simply throw them away. However, you may need your past returns one day and when you do you need to know where to find them. Now a lot of people panic over finding their old returns, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. So, how can you obtain your past tax returns?

What Do You Require From You Past Tax Returns?

Before you get into a panic over your returns you have to firstly think about what you actually need. Do you require information about past tax refunds and the amounts you’ve received or is it more general information? If you pin down the information you need it will be a lot easier in the long run.

Ask Your Bank for Help

If your sole interest is to find out about past tax refunds you’ve received then you could easily find this information out via your bank. It doesn’t matter if you no longer have an account with the bank you can still ask them if they would check their records to give you the information. You may have to show identification to prove you are who you say you are but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Most banks can easily check their records and inform you of what you need to know within a matter of hours, if not less.

Ask Your Tax Accountant for the Information

If you have used a professional to help file your returns over the last few years then that person should have some record somewhere. Most accountants keep records, and usually very organized ones which might allow you to gain access to what you need. If the accountant hasn’t got any of your paperwork, they might be able to help you a little more with your tax returns.

If You Filed Online, Go Online

For those who are used to submitting their tax returns online there may be a very simple way to obtain past returns. You probably have gone through the official Australian government website in which you’ve submitted your returns and documentation so it is your best shot you’ll find what you need there. If you haven’t save a copy to your computer then you can go back through your past returns online, but only for the years you’ve submitted online. Hopefully this will give you the start you need to find the information you require. If you haven’t filed online, contact the government and ask if you can obtain a copy of your past returns stating the years you wish. It is worth a try? More explained in this link:

You Will Find Your Records

It might take a little time to track down your specific tax return from several years ago but you will find them eventuality. There are always records, so even if the bank or your accountant can’t help, the Inland Revenue probably will be able to lend a hand. You may want to check your old returns for any tax refunds due your way and if you use the right sources you can succeed.